Incognito Boxer Harness w/ Hidden O-Ring - 3XL
Wear your boxers under your garment and always feel confident, comfortable, and ready for a good time! With a hidden O-ring sewn into the cotton and spandex blend shorts, the front of your boxers look just like any other! When you're ready, slip the strapon dildo of your choice into place! Until then, enjoy the comfortable and breathable fabric as you wear it beneath your clothes! The wide, supportive elastic band helps support the weight of your strapon dildo and keeps the boxers from sagging. As an added bonus, care for your new harness is easy! Simply machine wash your boxers after each use on a cold cycle. To preserve the life and elasticity of the fabric, hand-wash and air-dry to avoid exposure to heat.

Measurements: 20 inches unstretched waistband diameter, fits 39 inch to 46 inch waist circumference. 1.6 inch O-ring inner diameter.

Material: Cotton, Spandex, rubber

Color: Black

Note: Keep away from high heat or flame so the material does not melt.